About VEE

psychicVEEAlthough VEE had spiritual experiences when she was about 3 or 4 years old, (she saw spirits in graveyards and was able to speak with them), it wasn’t until she graduated college that VEE discovered her natural gifts when she attended a free workshop discussing the book, The Celestine Prophecy, An Experiential Guide.

About a year later, after she was attuned as an Usui Reike Master, within weeks, more of her gifts came through. Since then, her gifts have continued to develop and increase in number allowing VEE and her 1000+ guides the opportunity to provide you with tools that you can use for self-empowerment.

She considers herself a “natural psychic” as she doesn’t use any traditional tools. All she has to do is write down your birth first and middle names. Once she tunes into the vibration of your two names, Spirit has VEE immediately channel every single word during your reading, including how it’s delivered.

Her readings are conversational in style. Spirit often checks to see if you understand and to make sure They are communicating with you clearly. They’ll ask you questions such as “Does that make sense?” or “Does that help?” or “Do you understand?” Since Spirit speaks through her very quickly, VEE recommends that you take notes and/or record your reading.

Spirit provides messages just for you to provide you with the choices, tools, and oftentimes, step-by-step methodologies that you can use for self-empowerment. In addition, VEE has utilized her gifts to create a holistic life / business coaching consultation firm with an emphasis on low cost marketing. She and her Guides help business owners worldwide find ways to unblock their challenges and increase their net worth emotionally as well as financially.

VEE‘s Experience:

To her estimation, VEE has read between 50-70,000 people worldwide since 1997.

People she has read for includes politicians, religious leaders, military personnel, other internationally known psychics, Hollywood directors and writers, and various celebrities.

She started professionally reading at a monthly psychic fair in Connecticut as a substitute and by the time she left to move to Arizona, she was their lead psychic.

She has also created and co-created psychic fairs on both coasts and has participated in dozens of fairs throughout the United States.

In addition, VEE has extensive experience during confidential one-on-one readings, private psychic parties as well as fundraisers, including some for the University of Hartford, CT.

She was also the keynote speaker for the initial Tufts University Welliness Program in Massachusetts and was a guest speaker at the University of Arizona’s course “Social Aspects of Entrepreneurship.”

Listening to her clients has resulted in VEE creating a variety of classes for companies and organizations that blends business with spirituality such as, “Holistic Marketing,” “Understanding Motivation” and “Professional Etiquette.”

She has conducted classes specifically designed for psychics and healers as well, teaching them how to intermingle their business sense while utilizing their spiritual gifts resulting in their ability to increase their emotional and financial prosperity and abundance.

She created The Community Psychic Panel which she held twice a year for five years at her own expense.

VEE is a published author of several articles focusing on spiritual self-empowerment including, “5 Ways to Find the Best Psychic for You.”

VEE‘s extensive experience doing private psychic parties, psychic fairs, as well as fundraisers has developed a worldwide client base entirely through word-of-mouth. In addition to her formal education, VEE has over 25 years experience in sales, marketing, and customer service.

On the Personal Side

Unlike several psychics she’s encountered, VEE is able to use her gifts for herself as well.

Although she has visited every state in the United States, her chosen home is Arizona where she spends much of her time with her friends and family of choice.

She watches movies (romantic comedies are her favorite!) and cartoons to decompress and rejuvenate.

She financially contributes to educational causes weekly and has been a volunteer to a variety of causes since she has been twelve years old.

She has had the privilege to personally meet two of her childhood heroines: Rosa Parks and Shirley Chisholm.

At least one day a week, she designates herself a “Sacred Day” where she doesn’t socialize, answer emails, or phone calls. Instead she uses the day to rest, reflect, and remain quiet.

VEE‘s Training and Education:

  • Master of Arts: Organizational Management (Business)
  • Usui Certified Reiki Master: Universal Life Energy
  • Bachelor of Arts: Social Psychology


Professional Psychic Experience

2015 – Present Tucson Naturopathic Family Medicine Tucson, AZ
2012 – 2014 Alchemista, LLC Tucson, AZ
2009- 2010 Advisory Board Member/ Prophetess / Healer– Church Of Our Faith Fellowship Tucson, AZ
2008 -2009 Center for Joyful Living-Messenger Tucson, AZ
2004 – 2006 The Aroma Tree Tucson, AZ
2002 – 2010 Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair Tucson, AZ
2002 – 2003 Archangels Avenue Psychic Fair Tucson, AZ
2002 Sun Camp’s All Message Day (Co-Founder) Tonopah, AZ
2001 – 2002 ESP’s Celebration of Life Spiritual Fair Tucson, AZ
2000 – 2003 Metaphysics’ World Tucson, AZ
2000 – 2001 Angels Within Psychic Fairs Sierra Vista, AZ
1999 – 2000 Nutmeg Healing Center Orange, CT
1998 – Present Private Telephone / In-Person Readings – Worldwide –
1998 – Present Private Psychic Parties MA, CT, RI, AZ
1998 – 2000 Knight People Bookstore (Lead Psychic) Willimantic, CT
1998 – 1999 Christiana’s Traveling Psychic Fair Putnam, CT

Community Activities

2008 Center for Joyful Living-Healer Tucson, AZ
2005 – 2007 Community Psychic Panels (Creator / Organizer) Tucson, AZ
2003 Tufts University Presenter Boston, MA
2001 Tufts University Wellness Keynote Speaker Boston, MA
2000 Spirit Day Tucson, AZ
1999 -2000 University of Hartford, Connecticut Fundraisers (2)


2008 Ordained Minister – Universal Life Church
1998 Certified Usui Reiki Master New London, CT
1998 Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Training New London, CT
1997 – 1998 Celestine Prophecy Workshop Norwalk, CT


2003 Master of Arts University of Phoenix
1986 Bachelor of Arts Denison University