More testimonials are available upon request.


I have a 17 year old dog named Delilah. We’ve been by each other’s side practically nonstop since she was 3 months old. By far she is the most important part of my life. Delilah had been fighting a severe case of chronic bronchitis for the past 15 months under the care of the best Veterinarians and medicine possible but nothing was working and the cough kept getting worse and worse. We were all concerned we where nearing the much dreaded end of life scenario. All signs certainly where pointing that way. Then the universe brought us VEE who saved Delilah’s life. VEE placed her hands on Delilah and w/out any prior knowledge nailed all her afflictions and then some while providing feedback on how to best move forward treatment-wise and what to expect as a result. A few days later, as VEE predicted, Delilah’s cough vanished. This has now been the case some 30 days later. She is even off all her meds. I could have never dreamed better results. I AM ABSOLUTELY AMAZED! VEE’s insights and truths have also been of monumental value in my personal and professional life. There’s just no denying that’s she’s tapping into something metaphysical. If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in VEE’s path take it as a sign. I can’t recommend her highly enough! P.S. Delilah continues to be happy, healthy and terrific as a result of invaluable your visit w/ her. It’s now been 6+ weeks so you can change the testimonial from the “month’ I stated previously. I have absolutely no doubt she’s thriving b/c of your influence. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


OMG!! VEE is nothing less than awesome! We connected immediately and her positive energy is amazing! Career and relationship now have clarity and a bright future! I am extremely excited! Thank you!!

—Anne marie

Gift from God. VEE not only tells you what's going on clearly /concisely, she tells you how to make bad things better. Readings are Insightful AND Productive. You will Make Progress with this reader!


VEE is an awesome reader! Gained a lot of insight and now feel that I can move forward. Thanks VEE 🙂 Will definitely call again.


VEE connected with me in no time. She was able to describe situations, people and objects related to my questions in detail. Her advise was key to open the opportunites I was looking for. Thanks, CT


Wonderful and always on point. Have not been able to find another reader like her. Very pleased with her gifts.


Good morning VEE, You are quite welcome for the referral. I know Diane really benefited from your reading. I will schedule with you next week on your website. Thank you for your generosity 🙂


You are always doing and giving so many people your wonderful gifts of advice and other pleasures. Cheers,


The Best!


Thank you Special Lady! I have never been so fortunate to have someone around who is a mentor, healer that I feel truly gets me and is looking out for me.


Hi VEE, Thanks so much for talking to me tonight. I truly appreciate you. I have started to see a lot of things that I refused to see before.


I've worked with VEE for nearly 4 years, through some of the most tumultuous times of my life. Along the way, VEE has given me practical steps to ease the tension and to build a life I'm proud of. The most important lesson taught to me by VEE is that Spirit is always listening; waiting to make what I emote, feel, think, a reality. Being mindful of what I think, feel and emote has allowed me to be a clearer communicator with Spirit, and allow me to get exactly what I want in life. Important milestones during the time I've worked with VEE include: being able to double the size of my business every year that I've worked with her being able to release the 'dead weight' and allow my mind, business to expand being able to predict some very important life events being able to channel a very dear friend.

—Terry M. Leake

Company: Innovative Window Ware

VEE is wonderful.


Thank you so much for taking the time to conduct a reading for me yesterday!  You had a long challenging couple of days and yet you stayed to give me this gift and I really appreciate it.


Hi, VEE, I wanted to stop and say thank you for our conversation yesterday.  Not in a long while have I felt as light, free, and open to the possibilities than after our session yesterday. The simple notion that Jay has made a smooth transition to the other side and kicking up a 'stir' is comforting… Thank you again for your efforts, kindness and support.


I loved every second of [my reading with VEE]. VEE has helped me understand myself better than I ever dreamed of. Thank you VEE.


I wanted to know if I can have another reading, I really took what you said to heart and it is true EVERY WORD!! You scare me sometimes…I am trying to work on myself and I have you to thank. So thank you.


Dear VEE, Many thanks for the session and for "kicking" me back on track! I'll keep you posted.


I treasure you and your generous contribution to my life! …As I continue to heal and mend my body, transforming into WHO I Was Meant To Be, I greatly appreciate your unique and powerful presence of Love! Many Blessings


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…… I’m so happy that you made a special trip to talk to me today. I truly respect your opinion and all the Spirits opinions too. J  I love your gentleness and your direct approach when talking to me. You are VERY GIFTED and have soooo many talents, it’s mind boggling how talented you are. So thank you for taking the time to spend time with me. I’m the one that’s truly honored this time. Love ya.


Thank you so much empowering me (Lord knows I needed it). You have helped me get back to the me I used to be, to improve and become the me I deserve to be. My mind and heart have been opened up and I would say even healed. Thank you for the help and many blessings.

—J. Black

I enjoyed every drop of info you poured on me. Thank you sooo much VEE for honoring me with your insight this morning! I have just had a chance to slow down and process it all. Now that I look back at my notes and soak it in it looks so easy to do. You have true freedom VEE and I wanna get there. Thanks again for your precious time and understanding,


VEE, Your reading was very, very helpful. Some very needed wake-up calls...I know you weren't very encouraging in the reading, but again, it may have been the wake-up call I needed to readjust my being in fantasy. Thank you again. Your reading opened the door for us to have a great conversation that night. Blessings


My head is still spinning...in a nice way. Lots of clarity and new ideas!  I thank you most for urging me to work with the best!


Hi dear VEE, I know we are able to talk today, but I feel I must tell you . . . what a wonderful difference you have made in my process of healing! I am pain free most of the time now---whereas before I met you, I was in pain, at times so bad I wanted to die! FOR 14 YEARS. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible healing session you gave me in TUCSON. I have seen John of God, and some of the strongest shamans IN THE WORLD---and here comes little VEE doing the job they couldn't----T H A N K Y O U! WITH DEEP LOVE


VEE, Thank you for the reading. You were right on. I can't stop thinking about it and I have told everyone it was comforting to hear about my mother. Yes she loved her tomato soup. I'm glad that I took notes, however next time I will record. You were asking me where my mother in-law lived. You were saying she felt distant or like she didn't live here. She is from Greece and is very Greek. So many things you said clicked with me later. I will make another appointment with you soon. I have so many questions. Thanks again.


Hi VEE, Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart... Vern said you told him things he already knew. Let’s see how he processes and proceeds. Mom is ALWAYS so touched when she gets her mom to come through. She was very impressed. Linda was given some home truths she knew but thought she could handle a different way. She was a wreck before the party and felt she owed you a lot more for the reading. Cindy said you gave her back her confidence to use her "gifts" without fear. Geanna was just super impressed said you hit so much on the head it was almost scary. You have lightened the hearts of many yesterday and that was WONDERFUL! Thank you again for everything you do. And I am greatly Grateful for having you in my life. Love and light.


To whom it may concern: Over the past 3-5 years I have worked with VEE 5-6 times. One of my workers said she was a Psychic and I said, yeah, and I’m the Pope. Then one day I asked her about all this spiritual stuff and she was kind enough to do a “reading” right then and there at my business counter. I WAS BLOWN AWAY! She knew more about me then I knew about myself. Since I didn’t like some of what she told me (since she was so accurate)...It was some time before I consulted her again. However, once again she was right on target and most; if not everything she told me came to pass. It seems as though the more we work together the better she gets…. Kind of strange… Also, I find myself being more in tune with my own spirituality and more intuitive the more I work with her. To summarize, I am grateful to have crossed paths with her and I now believe she was there for a reason when we met. She has been beneficial in personal, financial, business and even character “evaluations”. I always look forward to meeting with VEE, even when I don’t like what she tells me. The truth can hurt sometimes. But it’s all good. My life has opened up spiritually more then I could have ever dreamed. My life has changed so much in the past 6 months and a great deal of that has to do with VEE. I consider her a respectable, non-judgmental person as well as a friend.

—Dan Burtnett

Hi VEE, Well we are home from the vet’s office and you were right. . . Abby has a very bad bacterial infection. Vet says it looks like she ate something that was dead. It cost us $212 today to find out what you already knew . . . Randy told me to tell you that you need to hang out your shingle girl!


Hello Great session today, really a ground breaker in ways that I never knew possible.


Hey VEE, Thank you so much for your positive energy and guidance!


What I value and appreciate in VEE is her gift to dig down deep into each and every one of us and help us to rediscover the parts in us that want to thrive. These tools in us; be it strength, passion, a vision that needed some guidance or just some validation- these are things that VEE has an innate gift of activating. VEE helped me look deep into myself and my truths and what I was hiding from and what was holding me back. These realizations she helped me have were a gift- a gift to allow myself to thrive.


Thank you for providing such insight and support. As I sit here in my office several hours have passed since our call and your words and thoughts are still resonating within me. I look forward to incorporating your recommendations in my business and my personal process. I know that we shall remain in touch. Cheers


Hi VEE, I really appreciate all the insight you have given me. I feel like you have given me many tools to move forward in life in a much more conscious and healthy way. Thanks.


Thanks for the gift of your time and insights.

—Allan (from England)

Dear Everyone, People might think that because I am the founder of Childfinders, a volunteer network of 200 Intuitives that give tips to help find missing children and have been a professional psychic for 24 years, including at the United Nations, that I have access to incredible psychics and I do. However, I have maybe written five total testimonials in my 24 years because I've always felt that while one psychic may be good for one person, it is not a guarantee they are good for someone else. Once in a great while, this is not true. A psychic or spiritual teacher is so good, like Ashtiana, my first teacher, that I know everyone would benefit from seeing them. This is very true of VEE. I know from the 24,000 sessions I have done for people that we don't learn much if everything we hear from a consultant has to match what we already believe. However, nothing that we don't agree with should be said in a way that demeans us. Each of us are still the authority of our reality. VEE does this more an amazing job of honoring both. I've seen her twice now, which I've only done ever with one other intuitive, and both times she "nails" exactly what my concern or issue is with something without me telling her. Both times she has exactly reminded me of what I knew to be the shift I needed to make in the back of my head but wasn't willing to accept yet. In addition she does not have the word bad habit I've seen in my training of other intuitives like. She doesn't add a bunch of fluff or personal stories to validate or explain her input. VEE, of all intuitives I've known only second to my first teacher, Ashtiana, goes straight to the point. Again she nails it and gives sound follow-through on how to use it. I trust her impeccably for myself and for everyone I know. If you really want the insight to solve issues or difficulties in your life, run don't walk to see her. She will give you the precise input to shift your life to solutions. I am so confident to recommend her that different than most testimonials, I am not going to just give my initials and location. To everyone's success, happiness and health in life.

—Jeff Sonnenburg

Company: Childfinders

Dear VEE: I was truly honored to have a wonderful reading by you.  Your style was very calming and soothing to me.  I was somewhat apprehensive about the information I would learn, but was pleasantly surprised by the “right on” reading you passed on to me. You have a great sense of style and your reading was absolutely superb.  I would use you whenever I needed your help and wouldn’t think twice to refer you to new clients.  I wish you continued success as your grow your business. You will be of national caliber very soon! Warmest Regards, Steve Ochoa

—Steve Ochoa