VEE’s Spiritual Gifts

VEE‘s Spiritual Gifts Include:

Acrophonology: The ability to sense the energy patterns of your name. These energy patterns change based on your current circumstances.
Angels: Identifying angels who are currently around you and the ability to inform you of any messages they may want to tell you.
Animal Totems: Spirits in the form of animals and what they currently represent in your life.
Channeling: Information received via messages and/or “signs” that people/pets who have passed on would like to share with you.
Clairaudient: “Hearing Clearly.” Relaying empowering knowledge obtained through verbal spiritual sources.
Clairempathy: “Feeling Clearly.” The ability to sense the feelings, attitudes and emotions of others clearly even if they are not in the room.
Clairsentient: “Sensing Clearly.” Relaying energy through the sensing of touch, smells, and tastes through spiritual sources.
Clairvoyant: “Seeing Clearly.” Relaying images, words and names obtained through visual spiritual sources.
Dream Interpretation: Interpreting and clarifying dreams that you may have difficulty figuring out on your own.
Empath: The ability to sense the feelings and emotions of another, living or past.
Guides: Spirits, who, once physically alive, now assist you in your everyday life.
House Clearing: The ability to tune in, identify and release spirits (if necessary) from your space.
Medical Intuitive: VEE is NOT a medical doctor! However, she can intuitively connect physical issues to emotional stresses.
Past Lives: The ability to connect past life events with how they affect your life today.
Pets (Past and Living): Information ranging from their personality to why they are/were in your life.
Psychometry: Spiritual information received from photographs, handwriting and physical objects.