It’s Time to Allow the Law of Attraction into YOUR Life!

I have consciously experienced firsthand what the Law of Attraction is really all about.

When I was creating my new consulting business over ten years ago, I was concerned how I was going to pay for my rent and worried about where the money was going to come from.

At the time, several of my clients had not been paying me due to their own financial circumstances.

Although I have known for quite some time that The Universe is my sole source of income, at this particular time, I had allowed the lack of manifestation that my clients were experiencing to seep into me.

I started to feel depressed and I knew that something had to shift inside of me.  I also knew that I had to bring the abundance and prosperity that we all possess out.

So, as I did some research on the Internet for my clients, I “accidentally” found information about “The Law of Attraction”.  Below is one of the clearest descriptions:

Definition of the Law of Attraction: I attract to myself, whatever I give my focus, attention, or energy to; whether wanted or unwanted.


Once read, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was becoming attracted to what I didn’t have, not what I wished to have.

Right away, I wrote down my laws of attraction:

  • My positive energy flow never ceases.
  • I am consciously and easily flowing money to me every day.
  • I choose abundance, prosperity and financial success daily.
  • I am wealth and receive money weekly.

After that, I called a friend of mine and discussed the trials and tribulations that I had been experiencing with my business over the past week. She helped me to realize that just because people wanted to work with me did not mean that I had to work with them. Then and there was when I decided to end a few of my professional relationships that were wearing me down to replace them with those who were not a financial or emotional drain.

I felt that a shift, a purge had occurred and I slept soundly.

That was on a Sunday.

The next day, I met with a client at her home to provide her with marketing consulting services which lasted for 3 hours.  Towards the end of our meeting, she suddenly asked if there was anything she could do for me.

I was taken aback, and before I could answer, she asked me if I had a website. “Not yet”, I replied.  She then decided to set one up for me.

Her 6-year-old daughter, who was busily painting, came up to me to show me the picture she had painted. It was a butterfly she named “Posh” and said that it was for me.  I was in tears. Spirit had given me a sign, representing transition and spiritual metamorphosis, through the eyes and hands of a child.

As I was about to leave, my client gave me what I thought was my regular monthly retainer check—a check which Spirit asked me not to look at until I returned home.

Once home, I placed my butterfly, per the young artist’s request, on my refrigerator.  I also opened up the check. It was double the amount that I normally receive from this client.

My rent was paid.

I burst into joyful tears and profusely thanked Spirit.  I had allowed The Law of Attraction into my life in less than 24 hours.

That was about eight years ago.

Since that time, The Law of Attraction has remained in my life on a daily basis. You can experience that too!

I know that we have all attracted this law into our lives, but have we done it consciously and consistently?  Are you ready to be abundantly blessed constantly for the rest of your life?

Make that decision today! Intentionally decide that the time is NOW to allow the Law of Attraction into your life and let the blessings begin!

Here’s to your best year EVER!