Making Yourself an Instrument of Your Peace

Regularly, before I do readings, I say a number of prayers including St. Francis of Assisi’s “Make Me An Instrument Of Your Peace”.  I like it because it reminds me to get out of the way of the messages that Spirit provides so that I remain a clear channel.

With the turmoil that many people are experiencing today, including some of you, I was guided, literally, to share how to make yourself an instrument of your own peace so that you can get yourself out of the way and listen to the messages that your Spirit Guides have been trying to get through to you. The only reason you are currently unable to is because you’re worrying too much.

The following 5 steps should allow you to receive the spiritual support you deserve during these challenging times:

1.  Be quiet for 5 minutes a day at the same time each day. Don’t talk, text, call, drive, watch TV, go online—nothing. Don’t get up during these  5 minutes and tidy up the area around you either. Just be. Sit down in a space that’s comfortable for you. Have a cup of coffee, tea, juice or water and just enjoy your beverage. Light a candle if you want. Listen to an instrumental piece of music if you want.
Know that for the first few times you do this, it’s gonna drive you crazy, because you’re not used to just being still. After the first week, you’ll be open to receiving information that comes from your Higher Self. When your thoughts start drifting to solutions to concerns that you have in your life, it means that you’ve been still enough to allow your Spirit Guides in.

2.  Stop asking people for advice all the time. Yes, I know you go to friends and family and healers and psychics and psychiatrists and doctors and lawyers for advice.  I’m not saying to stop all together. I’m just saying to stop doing it all the time. I have had individuals call me on a daily basis for advice to the point where I stopped helping them. Why? Because they didn’t make the time to let their own instincts kick in. And, they didn’t listen to the advice I gave them. Instead of holding themselves accountable, by consulting with others, they get to blame people like me for things not turning out the way they wanted to in their lives.

3.  Ask yourself, out loud, “Is this best for me?” “Best” is key here. Many, many times—too many to count, I’m asked, “Is this right?” “Is this wrong?” Well, frankly, those aren’t the questions that are to be asked. By asking, “What’s best?”, it will positively shift your way of thinking and you will come up with the answer that honors you, not everyone else.
Let’s say your answer to your “best” question is “Yes”, yet you still feel trepidation. That’s when you take that same question to the next level. Ask, “Is this the best thing for me to do right now”? If the answer you sense is still “Yes”, then GO FOR IT! If your answer has changed to “No”, then ask, “When?” It’s important that when doing this exercise, you speak aloud the questions, for your voice vibrating throughout your body expedites your spiritual answer faster.

4.  Deal with your challenges head on. Even though it may feel a lot easier to avoid your money issues, your health, your relationships, and your self-care, in the long run, you’re making things a lot worse. By taking control of your circumstances, things don’t seem so bad and you can move forward with “solution-thinking” instead of “worry-thinking”.
Start by posting a large piece of paper (I use the back sheets of desk calendars) on a wall that you view often. Divide the paper into 2 columns. On the left hand side of the paper, write down the header, “Concerns”. List all of your concerns, big and small. None are too small. If you’re worried about them, they are a concern. On the right hand side of the paper, write the header “Solutions”. Then walk away from the paper for about 1 hour. Come back and look at the blank “Solutions” column. Be open to write down everything that comes to you as an idea to resolve your concerns. Don’t censor them, don’t critique them. Just write them down. And if you have more than one solution for one concern, include them. The next day, approach the paper again. This time, circle which solution feels best and act on that solution. Congratulations! You’ve just allowed your Spirit Guides to resolve your issues.

5.  Stop worrying over the “How”. Rather, get excited about how your issues are going to be resolved. For example, each month, as a self-employed person, I used to worry about how my rent would be paid. Then, through Spirit, I was told that I’ve always been taken care of—why should I worry about it? From that point on, whenever I feel worry creeping back, I say out loud, “I can’t wait to see how Spirit’s going to arrange for my rent to be paid!” Or, this prayer that a friend of mine taught me:  “Thank you Spirit for my _________!” It’s a prayer thanking Spirit before you receive it. That’s called Faith. Show Spirit you have it and you will truly have Peace.